Never Alone

When it feels like I’m all alone…
When the pain sets in…
When my heart feels like there’s a brick upon it crushing it slowly within…
When I’ve cried so many tears I can hardley breath…
When I feel like I can’t carry on because my feet are frozen beneath me…
I feel HIS hands caress my shoulders in an effort to comfort me.
I feel HIS warm embrace forming a hedge of protection as HIS arms encompass me.
I feel HIS paternal kiss on my forehead in reassurance that HE will always be here for me.
I feel HIS healing gently massaging my heart sealing up all of the wounds inside of me.
I feel HIS Holy Spirit fill my soul with light, love and peace so that joy may return to me.
I feel HIS breath fill my lungs with life yet again so I can get back to the life HE gave me.
I feel HIS knudge encouraging me to keep going pushing me to just take one step at a time as HE guides me.
So, when you feel like everyone you have loved has left you,
When you feel like no one understands you,
When you feel like you have no one to talk to,
When your hurting and you’re too prideful to show it,
Just remember you never alone.
If you listen closely, HE will whisper in your ear, “Just trust me, you’re going to be okay. Hope is never lost.”
Have Faith in the things unseen,
Have Hope in the seemingly impossible and always have Love in your heart for you are never alone.
©September 2019
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope


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