May 17th, 2019

Hope of the day: you don't have to be a product of your environment. Especially if your environment doesn't align with your purpose. Just because you were taught something doesn't mean you can't learn another way of doing things. Just because you parents or family is a certain way or does certain things doesn't mean … Continue reading May 17th, 2019


I AM Me! H.O.P.E.

Unique minded, Goal oriented, Unconditional lover. Strong spirited, Aries child, Beautiful biracial woman. Unbiased, Empathic, Friends with many. Believes in Elohim, the Most High. Jesus is my Mentor! Talented Queen, Master of Resiliency. Ambitious, Go-getter. Helping others is life's key. Kind to most, Embracing life confidently. Questions things with doubt, But stands in faith. Defends … Continue reading I AM Me! H.O.P.E.