All Things Hopeful

Oct. 14th, 2021

Hope of the day: Honor thyself. My king told me something so simplistic and yet so powerful. He said, "we tend to get caught up in trying to please everyone else, forgetting the fact that you can't please everybody, and losing sight of trying to please ourselves." It's important to honor thyself by doing things … Continue reading Oct. 14th, 2021

August 20th, 2021

Hope of the day: when you want to change and grow you first have to want it in your being. In order to change the being, whether physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, you have to first change your way of thinking; then, that will change your habits and routine and that will change your lifestyle … Continue reading August 20th, 2021

July 18th. 2021

Hope of the day:Visualization is a powerful tool. The power of the tongue is powerful also. Untrain your brain from thinking so negatively and retrain your brain to think about the positive more!Don't visualize the worst case scenario; instead, visualize the BEST case scenario and then live your life as such. Speak life over yourself! … Continue reading July 18th. 2021

Don’t Fumble

Don't Fumble You have thrown me your heartAnd I caught it.I clutch it into my chestAnd I cherish it right beside mine.I will not fumble!I will run it all the way to the goal line.Please don't fumble mine!It's too fragile.It may bounce,But it may break from one too many cracks.#hope #love #poetry #dontfumble@h.o.p.e.327@poeticallyhopeful


So...I am intense.That's right...intense.Of course I am!I am an arian fire sign,I burn with intensity!I am a spirited being, Divinely crafted with A celestial light that glows Deep within me, So strong that it keeps the darkness in check. Intense? Yeah, I have to be...To survive in this world;To stand out in a crowd;To just … Continue reading Intensity

Evicted Ego!

Self-love and self-care means healthy self-talk. Sometimes you can think of something and it can feel like your reality, but in all actuality it's not. Sometimes you have to take control (spiritually) and tell your Ego off! #healing #release #growth #original #poetry Evicted Ego Shut up! Just shut up! You don't get to rule my … Continue reading Evicted Ego!

Feb. 22nd, 2021

Hope of the day: we often hear the phrase, "treat people the way you want to be treated," but I say treat people the way you choose to treat people because you're being authentically yourself and however others respond to that is their choice. Everyone doesn't have the heart that you have and everyone isn't … Continue reading Feb. 22nd, 2021


SuperI AM Super;A Supernatural miracle,Super Abound with Talent,Super Absorbent to knowledge,Making me a Super Achiever.A Superb being who is Super Ambitious.Supercharged,With a mind that is a Supercomputer.I AM a Superconductor transmitting love from me to you.Super Confident and Supercool.Superficial to the enemies of darkness, taking them underneath my feet, using them as my footstool.I AM … Continue reading Super