So...I am intense.That's right...intense.Of course I am!I am an arian fire sign,I burn with intensity!I am a spirited being, Divinely crafted with A celestial light that glows Deep within me, So strong that it keeps the darkness in check. Intense? Yeah, I have to be...To survive in this world;To stand out in a crowd;To just … Continue reading Intensity



SuperI AM Super;A Supernatural miracle,Super Abound with Talent,Super Absorbent to knowledge,Making me a Super Achiever.A Superb being who is Super Ambitious.Supercharged,With a mind that is a Supercomputer.I AM a Superconductor transmitting love from me to you.Super Confident and Supercool.Superficial to the enemies of darkness, taking them underneath my feet, using them as my footstool.I AM … Continue reading Super

I am me! H.O.P.E.

Unique minded, Goal oriented, Unconditional lover. Strong spirited, Aries child, Beautiful biracial woman. Unbiased, Empathic, Friends with many. Believes in Elohim, the Most High. Jesus is my Mentor! Talented Queen, Master of Resiliency. Ambitious, Go-getter. Helping others is life's key. Kind to most, Embracing life confidently. Questions things with doubt, But stands in faith. Defends … Continue reading I am me! H.O.P.E.

Pen of HOPE

My pen is the syringe That injects the vaccine For broken souls; The tranquilizer That puts to sleep the doubt That creates negative self-talk. Which traps us in a black hole; The vial That carries the antidote For the hopelessness that Blackens hearts And numbs ambitions Turning people cold; The pill That absorbs all the … Continue reading Pen of HOPE