Feb. 4th, 2022

Hope of the Day: Ask yourself...What does it look like if I put myself first? What do I need to put myself first? If I don't put myself first, then why didn't I? For me...I often felt like if I put myself first, then I have to neglect other needs. If I do things to … Continue reading Feb. 4th, 2022



So...I am intense.That's right...intense.Of course I am!I am an arian fire sign,I burn with intensity!I am a spirited being, Divinely crafted with A celestial light that glows Deep within me, So strong that it keeps the darkness in check. Intense? Yeah, I have to be...To survive in this world;To stand out in a crowd;To just … Continue reading Intensity

Evicted Ego!

Self-love and self-care means healthy self-talk. Sometimes you can think of something and it can feel like your reality, but in all actuality it's not. Sometimes you have to take control (spiritually) and tell your Ego off! #healing #release #growth #original #poetry Evicted Ego Shut up! Just shut up! You don't get to rule my … Continue reading Evicted Ego!


SuperI AM Super;A Supernatural miracle,Super Abound with Talent,Super Absorbent to knowledge,Making me a Super Achiever.A Superb being who is Super Ambitious.Supercharged,With a mind that is a Supercomputer.I AM a Superconductor transmitting love from me to you.Super Confident and Supercool.Superficial to the enemies of darkness, taking them underneath my feet, using them as my footstool.I AM … Continue reading Super


Within oneself is a fierce perseverance and endurance that is unstoppable and desperate to be unleashed. Within oneself is limitless knowledge, generational wisdom, and divine understanding waiting to be released. Within oneself is a force field of majestic energy projecting ions obsorbed by many, but controlled by few. Within oneself is an undying love for … Continue reading Within