September 28th, 2019

Hope of the day: Magnify your beautiful! For some, beauty means outward appearance and for others, beauty means letting what’s inside shine. Whatever your choice of expressing beauty is, just be true to yourself and glow. For those who enhance their outward beauty with fake lashes, fake hair and nails and hiding their skin under layers of make-up…if that’s your choice, then by all means do it Queen! Rock your beautiful, but my question would be, do you feel any less beautiful without those things? Take off the lashes and the hair and the nails and wipe off the make up, do you then still feel beautiful? If you do, great!…keep shining, but if you don’t, find your own glimmer and magnify your beautiful! Everything ain’t always what it seems and just because something shimmers on the outside doesn’t means it shines from within. Make sure your shining enough from the inside to light your world on the outside. Someone needs to be inspired by your glow. So shine Queen! Magnify your beautiful! #hope


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