Anti-racism = Love

Racism is something that is taught, instilled and then implemented so the only way to unteach racism is to teach love. Because until you know another way, you will always go by what you were taught. To preach racial war to our youth is to do them an injustice, instead we should teach them about … Continue reading Anti-racism = Love

The Bigger Picture

Understand the Bigger Picture The Invisible War that's going on in this world is a greater war than we can imagine. It requires a defense tactic beyond our measure. It's called Divine intervention. Despite all that, we can always choose darkness or light. We can always choose wrong or right. We know the difference between … Continue reading The Bigger Picture

Take A Stand- Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Stand in silent power Firm, and unmoveable, In unwavered Strength And Fearless Unity. No weapons, Only the power of the tongue. Thousands of bodies, Standing as one. Change will come, Once equality is the main goal. We don't promote violence, We just want laws That protect the soul. Therefore, We continue to stand in silence, … Continue reading Take A Stand- Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Pandemic or Awakening

The O-zone layer is healing…Pollution is down…Crime is down…People are home now, more then ever, cooking more home cooked meals and spending quality time together…People's hygiene practices and safety precautions have improved…People are seeing that the things they thought they couldn't live without are now not so important after all…People are turning to more natural … Continue reading Pandemic or Awakening