Feb. 4th, 2022

Hope of the Day: Ask yourself...What does it look like if I put myself first? What do I need to put myself first? If I don't put myself first, then why didn't I? For me...I often felt like if I put myself first, then I have to neglect other needs. If I do things to cater to myself, then I can't balance taking care of my other responsibilities such as taking care of my home, taking care of my son and nurturing my relationships...so my needs often fell to the sidelines. I'm discovering now that that's not true. I need to reframe the way that I think about things because taking care of my home is a part of self-care. Nurturing my relationships is a part of self-care too. Definitely taking care of my son is also part of my self-care. I had to tell myself...
I feel peace when my home is clean.
I feel better when I remove the clutter.
I feel love when I give love.
I AM happy when my son is happy.
Now, there is less stress coming from my obligations. I have transmuted the negative energy that comes from anticipating my obligations into positive energy that serves me. Now, I can take care of all that I need to do in better spirits and I'm starting to make time for ME! Make time for Self and tend to your self-care needs out of self-love! #hope

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