September 11th, 2019

Hope of the day: If you’re looking for change in your life, instead of looking for change to happen on the outside, maybe you should start by looking on the inside. This is not meant to be a judgemental statement by any means, I just know that any changes that I’ve ever experienced in my life came after I changed myself. Ever since I made a commitment to work on self, God has been my driving force so that I can accomplish all my of heart’s desires. I’m not perfect and yet HE still loves me. I don’t go to church all the time and HE still blesses me because my faith is steadfast. I don’t pray all the time, but my heart is in constant union with God. I don’t feel happy all the time, but God fills me with a joy and a hope that helps me look forward to the days ahead. My advice to anyone is to look inside yourself and if there’s anything that you don’t like, then fix it and ask God to help you to correct it. If there’s anything you do like, then show it and show it off authentically and unconditionally. #hope


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