August 20th, 2021

Hope of the day: when you want to change and grow you first have to want it in your being. In order to change the being, whether physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, you have to first change your way of thinking; then, that will change your habits and routine and that will change your lifestyle … Continue reading August 20th, 2021

July 18th. 2021

Hope of the day:Visualization is a powerful tool. The power of the tongue is powerful also. Untrain your brain from thinking so negatively and retrain your brain to think about the positive more!Don't visualize the worst case scenario; instead, visualize the BEST case scenario and then live your life as such. Speak life over yourself! … Continue reading July 18th. 2021

Feb. 22nd, 2021

Hope of the day: we often hear the phrase, "treat people the way you want to be treated," but I say treat people the way you choose to treat people because you're being authentically yourself and however others respond to that is their choice. Everyone doesn't have the heart that you have and everyone isn't … Continue reading Feb. 22nd, 2021

December 27th, 2019

Hope of the day: For ages people have passed down information to the next generation through parables, fables, and the art of story telling. Why? Because stories are relatable to all types of people and stories are easier to receive. Think about it...most people would rather sit and read a fiction novel or a book … Continue reading December 27th, 2019