October 9th, 2019

Hope of the day: How are you spending the life you have been given? Are you living with a passion and a purpose or are you just going through the motions? Some people find purpose taking care of others. Some people find passion in their place of work and they use that passion to be … Continue reading October 9th, 2019


September 28th, 2019

Hope of the day: Magnify your beautiful! For some, beauty means outward appearance and for others, beauty means letting what's inside shine. Whatever your choice of expressing beauty is, just be true to yourself and glow. For those who enhance their outward beauty with fake lashes, fake hair and nails and hiding their skin under … Continue reading September 28th, 2019

September 16th, 2019

Hope of the day: when people hurt you or disappoint you, you have to build yourself back up. People tend to internalize it and blame ourselves, question our worth because someone we loved didn't stay around, but them leaving has nothing to do with you and all about something they got going on within themselves. … Continue reading September 16th, 2019