Reflections Be the change you want to see in the world... If it is love you want, Then, be love. Love yourself first and share it with others. If it is peace that you want, Then. be peace. Exemplifying peace will help the wars in this world to cease. If it is freedom that you … Continue reading Reflections


Look on the Bright Side

In life there will always be... Disappointments, For every disappointment there is a pleasant surprise. Set backs, Set backs are set ups that push you forward. Heart breaks, But you will love again and even stronger than before. Losses, But there will also be many gains. Confusion, Which usually brings about clarity. Pain, It usually … Continue reading Look on the Bright Side

Trouble Is Not Your Middle Name

Trouble is not your middle name. Trouble comes to stir us up, To throw us off course, To mess our minds up, To make us act out with force, To turn us away from loving others, To put a rip in our souls, To take us through turmoil, To carve out our hearts Making an … Continue reading Trouble Is Not Your Middle Name