January 6th, 2022

Hope of the day: Disappointments, generally speaking, come from having expectations. Bars that we set that we feel haven’t been reached?… But a bar based on what/whose standards? Expectations that came from where? From conditioning, programming and outside influences? So are they really your expectations? If they aren’t, then, DO NOT entertain any disappointments that came from said expectations. They aren’t your own, rather they are false perceptions adopted through outside sources. Rid yourself of all expectations and welcome a clean slate of acceptance to be built upon with your most authentic experiences. Flush out all that is not of you and your hearts desires; all that is not of the Divine; all that isn’t light and love; all that is not for your betterment and in alignment with your purpose. Do some revamping. Reprogram your mind, cleanse your spirit and heal your heart. #hope


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