It's a hurtful feeling to always be misunderstood;
To feel like your soul is misplaced in this world;
To be looked at like you're crazy or weird;
For it to seem like there is a language barrier when you're not even speaking a foreign language.
I ask...do you see me?
I mean...really see me?
Beyond my caramel skin and my curly hair?
Beyond my charisma and wittiness?
Beyond my brains and skills?
Do you see past my smile?
When you look into my eyes,
What do you see?
You should see a reflection of you because we are one in the same underneath it all.
But to most...we are different.
Yes we do have differences,
But that line of thinking can pose problems.
It creates separation and division.
It makes room for judgement.
It allows for the opportunity to chastise.
It ignores the similarities we share.
It makes it impossible to nurture soul connections.
But truth, love and authenticity ring loud no matter what language you speak.
So why am I always misunderstood?
To misunderstand me is to misunderstand yourself.
When your soul has awakened,
It makes it easier for you to see another.
If you can't see mine,
Then maybe you still have a lot to uncover.
Once that happens, you will see your reflection in my eyes.
Only then will you understand all the universal bonds that form our ties.

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