Feb. 19th, 2019

Hope of the day:

You were put at you job to make a difference NOT to just get sucked into whatever culture is present. So how can you go above and beyond to make a difference? How can you be a light in the lives of the people you work with and of the people you serve? Are you going above and beyond or are you doing just the bare minimum? These are questions I ask myself daily. I don’t believe God put either one of us where we are, with all the gifts and talents that HE has given us, to do just the bare minimum. What we miss out on when we don’t live up to what HE has called us to do is an opportunity to save a life and an opportunity to grow personally because when we open up to put ourselves to the side to help another soul by being a light and making a difference, we fulfill our own soul and we grow because of it and God is proud of us for it. What I’m learning in my life is that everything in our lives is part of God’s plan for us so to even be in the jobs we hold there is purpose. Most people look for purpose outside of themselves, but it’s up to us to use our jobs as a way to live out purpose and fulfill the calling God has on our lives. So I ask you what can you do to live a life of purpose? That’s why you were put exactly where you are, to do just that. Can you truely say that you are doing all you can to save a life? Can you truely say you are doing all you can to be a light in someone else’s life? Are you fully using your power? These are questions that hopefully will help you to be honest with yourself and I pray it puts a conviction on your heart to really meditate on it and bring forth good actions for the sake of living up to your fullest potential and for the sake of doing all you can for others. I get it! We get so caught up in the mundane and routine of things, we get burned out, we struggle with self worth and value, but do we do things for the recognition of man or should we do things for the recognition of God? Are we being good stewards over the work HE gave us? We should do our best regrdless of the conditions we work in or how we feel about our jobs and if you’re truely that unhappy at work then pray about it and maybe God will open other doors for you, but in the meantime, in all that you do, live a life of purpose. #hope


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