Evicted Ego!

Self-love and self-care means healthy self-talk.
Sometimes you can think of something and it can feel like your reality, but in all actuality it’s not. Sometimes you have to take control (spiritually) and tell your Ego off!
#healing #release #growth #original #poetry

Evicted Ego

Shut up! Just shut up!
You don’t get to rule my mind any more!
So get out of my way!
Get out!
There is no longer room
For your fear and your doubt.
I’m putting you on mute,
And I’m shutting the door!
You don’t have a say so here any more!
You try to tell me things just to scare me
But fear is not a Divine frequency.
If it don’t serve GOD,
Then, it don’t serve me!
You don’t get to have power over me!
See, you always thinking of the negativity,
And all of that is cool,
But it ain’t got nothing to do with me!
I don’t care what you say!
You can’t live here anymore!
I changed the locks,
So you don’t have the key!
Now, get out!
And stop messing with me!
You are not my reality!
You are not welcome here anymore!
There are a lot of things
That I need to change
And getting rid of you is one of them!
Can you say…EVICTED!
Bye,Bye Ego!…
…Ego out!
©April 2021
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope


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