When You Become a Conscious Women…

When you become a conscious woman…
You do things differently,
Break away from the system,
Smash the chains that hold you down,
and use your critical thinking skills to get ahead and be creative.
When you become a conscious woman…
You start to live driven by the spirit and not by the ego nor the flesh. Consciousness is spiritual so you realize you are connected to the Creator on a different level. (Queen Delon Anoshi Hagood)
When you become a conscious woman…
You stop going to the world for advice and validation and go inward to seek GOD for guidance. A conscious woman does not get wrapped up in the things of the world, but she utilizes her resources to her advantage to impact generations to come. Her energy sets the tone of the atmosphere and everyone in it. She is a goddess because she knows God is in her. She knows the realities of life, but she lives beyond them. She is more than academic, she is knowledge wisdom, comprehension, intuition, humble, educated, ambitious, and spiritual.
(Queen Adrienne White)
When you become a conscious woman…
You realize that you are no longer just a woman, but you are a Queen worthy of all things. You understand you are Divine and tap into your fullest potential. A conscious woman knows her worth and carries herself as such.
(Queen Jenisha Nelson)
When you become a conscious woman…
You realize that the skills and talents you have are not just for you, but are God’s gift to you to shed light in the world!
When you become a conscious woman…
You begin to realize that sex does not equal love allowing you to begin to value your body knowing you are a precious jewel worth waiting for.
When you become a conscious womam…
You are at peace with yourself. A conscious woman knows how to be happy within herself. She doesn’t have to have the finer things in life because she in content within. She’s doesn’t knock people down, she always walks around with a smile on her face being positive and enjoys life to the fullest. She doesn’t need the world to tell her she’s beautiful, she feels her spirit inside telling her she’s beautiful. She recognizes it’s okay to be different. She bends over backwards to help others. With the universe backing her, she knows she is powerful beyond measure. (Queen Mary Moore)
So don’t just be a female,
Walking around the world still asleep,
But awaken the Divine Queen inside of you and become a CONSCIOUS WOMAN!
©September 2017
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope #original #poetry #queens #consciouswoman #queenquotes

Special dedication to ALL QUEENS and shutout to all the QUEENS who contributed to this piece, I greatly appreciate your input. I wanted this piece to have insight from women for other women. Your knowledge is valuable and can bring awareness to other Queens. I salute you! 💯


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