Love’s Cradle

I have been blessed with the curse of feeling so deeply,
So I often fall in love with spiritually injured men.
In loving them I lose myself completely,
This seems to be an ongoing trend.
I believe they cross my path for a reason,
They’re broken pieces I know I can mend,
But I fail to realize it is only supposed to be for a season,
And I become attached,
Unable to detach,
Fighting within myself,
Commiting self-inflicted treason.
It’s like I can’t help it…
I can walk by a completely wholesome man and not feel a thing,
But if I pass a suffering man,
I want to cradle him in my wings.
It’s like I sense them reaching for a life line and I’m the one holding the string.
It’s like I know they are suffocating and I’m the air they need to breath.
It’s like I feel their heart has stopped beating and I’m the resesitator that they need.
A part of me wants to heal them,
A part of me wants to understand what hurts,
A part of me wants to love them,
And before I know it,
I’ve given them all of my parts,
And there’s nothing left for me.
Then, I’m the one who is suffocating and can’t breath.
I’m the one who has to be resesitated ‘cuz my heart won’t stop bleeding.
I’m the one who needs a life line,
But who has the string?
I’m the one breaking down,
But who will cradle me in their wings?
It’s a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply.
It’s a gift to help heal the broken,
But loving without attachment is key,
Or I will find myself drained…empty.
But oh, there is ONE who pours life back into me,
The ONE who restores me completely,
The ONE who gave me this gift originally,
The ONE who made me so uniquely.
He empowers me to love no matter how draining it can be.
He fills me with an everlasting love so I can share love extremely.
I AM in HIM and HE is in ME.
©August 2017
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope


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