Love Being Outside

I love being outside.
I love the way the sun feels as it marinates my skin.
I love hearing the sound of the trees as they wrestle with the wind.
I love listening to the heavenly melody play as the birds flap their wings and sing.
I love the smell of fresh air as my nose inhales the summer sting.
I love taking a deep breath and feeling the air fill my lungs.
I love seeing the tangled crystalized webs the spiders have spun,
And if you are still enough,
You can almost hear the heart of our native ancestors beating the drums.
I love the taste of fresh crisp water quinching my thirst in the scorching heat.
I look forward to the coming of summer days, cookouts and swimming pools every year on repeat.
Just take a moment to enjoy the breeze.
There is no stress in nature,
In fact, it makes you feel free.
Get you a book or some good music
And just go sit under a tree.
Stay for a while,
Stare at the clouds and smile,
And see how nice you feel when your done.
You will be refreshed, renewed, restored…
You just spent time with the SON.
I love being outside!
©July 2019
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope #nature #healingtime


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