It is the season of the firefly.
A luminescent creature.
It’s flashing lights signal
Not distress, but happiness.
Attracting blessings.
Shining even in the dimness of twilight.
Lighting the way through obscurity,
Leading the way to living waters,
Guiding us back to the Garden of Eden;
A pace we call home.
A tiny bettle,
But a powerful florescence.
Light travels far and a tiny flicker can light a room.
The light of the firefly brings magic to a spring night,
Emitting an array of different colors.
Let a 1000 come together
And you’ll have a spectacle light show brightening the midnight sky.
The darkess is trying to consume them making them decrease in numbers,
The enemy doesn’t want them to fly,
But just imagine how beautiful it would be if they synchronized their light…
Shining in unison…
Together as one…
They would create one big ball of fire;
No dark cloud would be able to compete.
They are born to glow
And did you know?
Even their babies glow!
They light up the underworld;
Their light goes places others can’t.
God has a way of bringing light into the shadows,
With the flame of a candle,
By the rays of the sun,
With the twinkle of a star
And the dazzle of the moon light,
Or even by way of a tiny firefly…
You are fire…fly child!
©April 2019

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