Within oneself is a fierce perseverance and endurance that is unstoppable and desperate to be unleashed. Within oneself is limitless knowledge, generational wisdom, and divine understanding waiting to be released. Within oneself is a force field of majestic energy projecting ions obsorbed by many, but controlled by few. Within oneself is an undying love for … Continue reading Within


The Pendulum of Love

Match one's confidence to the other's insecurities. One's strength to the other's weakness. One's vulnerability to the other's lack there of. One's transparency to the other's hidden treasures. One's spoken communication with the other's body language. Love is all about balance. One can be to much of something and the other not enough, But together … Continue reading The Pendulum of Love

Who Are You? Blossom

So, you're grown now. Did you ever really take the time to get to know who you really are? As a child you wanted to be just like your tribe. You eagerly watched others, Walked their walk, Talked their talk And learned how to survive. People can only teach you what they know, So what … Continue reading Who Are You? Blossom


Purgatory is supposed to be That place where souls get stuck Between heaven and hell. Well, isn't that where we are? Take look around... We live in a world where people are So miserable, It's easier to frown than to smile; Where connections are being made Through Facebook and texting Instead of picking up the … Continue reading Purgatory

Pen of HOPE

My pen is the syringe That injects the vaccine For broken souls; The tranquilizer That puts to sleep the doubt That creates negative self-talk. Which traps us in a black hole; The vial That carries the antidote For the hopelessness that Blackens hearts And numbs ambitions Turning people cold; The pill That absorbs all the … Continue reading Pen of HOPE