Go Within To See

I keep hearing... Go within, Go within yourself to find happiness! Go within and see what? The ugliness that has penetrated my skin all the years of my life? All the flaws that make me the pickings at the bottom of the totum pole? All the memories of every person I ever cared about walking … Continue reading Go Within To See


Trouble Is Not Your Middle Name

Trouble is not your middle name. Trouble comes to stir us up, To throw us off course, To mess our minds up, To make us act out with force, To turn us away from loving others, To put a rip in our souls, To take us through turmoil, To carve out our hearts Making an … Continue reading Trouble Is Not Your Middle Name

A Child of the King

I have loved people who didn't love me, Befriended people who hated on me, Forgave people who betrayed me, Given grace to those who forsaked me, And was nice to people who were rude. I have respected people who disrespected me, Was kind to people who judged me, Helped people who wouldn't help me, Been … Continue reading A Child of the King

Run The Great Race

You ever felt like running? Sometimes we're running and we don't even know it. When you run with intention, It usually benefits you, But when you run in confusion, It typically works against you. So my question is... Are you choosing to run? Or is there something you're running from? 'Cuz...I get it... I know … Continue reading Run The Great Race


Within oneself is a fierce perseverance and endurance that is unstoppable and desperate to be unleashed. Within oneself is limitless knowledge, generational wisdom, and divine understanding waiting to be released. Within oneself is a force field of majestic energy projecting ions obsorbed by many, but controlled by few. Within oneself is an undying love for … Continue reading Within

The Pendulum of Love

Match one's confidence to the other's insecurities. One's strength to the other's weakness. One's vulnerability to the other's lack there of. One's transparency to the other's hidden treasures. One's spoken communication with the other's body language. Love is all about balance. One can be to much of something and the other not enough, But together … Continue reading The Pendulum of Love