March 14th, 2019

Hope of the day: You are the star player of your life! Think of your life as a football game. Are you practicing and planning your next play? Are you training and preparing for your opposition? When the ball comes your way, are you ready to catch it? And when you catch it, are you … Continue reading March 14th, 2019


Feb. 24th, 2019

Hope of the day: Self love is self care. It's being concerned with your physical, mental and spiritual health. It's intentionally making an effort to not put harmful things in your mind, body and soul nor exposing your mind, body and soul to harmful things. Loving yourself is loving life and giving yourself the tools … Continue reading Feb. 24th, 2019

Feb. 2nd, 2019

Hope of the day:We are all one race...the human race. Any differentiations are just man made labels. Yes we are all different coming from different regions of the world and practicing different cultures, but there are different types of trees based on where and how they grow, different types of animals based on their habitats, … Continue reading Feb. 2nd, 2019