April 26th, 2019

Hope of the day: Goodness can always defeat the evil, but we have to live by good standards, know the source and study the source and be a projectory of Divinity in order to conquer the darkness! #hope #faith #love


I AM Me! H.O.P.E.

Unique minded, Goal oriented, Unconditional lover. Strong spirited, Aries child, Beautiful biracial woman. Unbiased, Empathic, Friends with many. Believes in Elohim, the Most High. Jesus is my Mentor! Talented Queen, Master of Resiliency. Ambitious, Go-getter. Helping others is life's key. Kind to most, Embracing life confidently. Questions things with doubt, But stands in faith. Defends … Continue reading I AM Me! H.O.P.E.

A Beautiful Disaster

Beautifully made, Covering a haunted cave. Outside light shines, But inside is a captive slave. Skin shimmering of Divine essence, Example of a wise soul, Camouflaging the heavy ashes Burned from the past coals. Tangible beauty everyone can feel, Masking the burdens and lessons Required to heal. Captivating eyes, Mesmerizing words, Love for the unloveable, … Continue reading A Beautiful Disaster