Is Love Enough?

Is Love Enough?

When love is real, it should be cherished because it's hard to find real love in this world. love enough?
Is love enough...
To allow you to forgive someone's mistakes?
To allow you to accept someone despite their flaws?
Is love enough to make you want to do things, even outside of your comfort zone,
All in the name of love?
Is love enough to make you want to grow and be your best self so that you can bring your best to the table and get rid of toxic behaviors?
Is love enough to make you change the way you think?
Since, habitually, your thought processes are a product of your survival over the years and now those same thought processes no longer serve you because love requires higher thinking.
Is love enough to make you want to see the good in someone over the bad?
Is it enough for you to be able to recognize when someone is going above and beyond for you and to make you want to do the same for them?
Is love enough for you to fight temptation and return home without any deviation?
For me, love IS the motivator.
A love that comes from God Himself.
Love for myself, love for my family, love for my partner, and love for our Union.
When you want to have something that you've never had, you have to do some things you've never done.
The key is to find someone who's mistakes you can tolerate, who's flaws you can overlook, who motivates you to come out of your comfort zone and be your best, who challenges you giving you things to think about that you didn't think about before...
Someone who chooses to see the good in you despite all the bad and who you see the good in too... someone worth going above and beyond for... someone you will choose everyday.
Can you draw strength from God to help bind you two together?
Can you love each other as God loves us?
Can you forgive each other as God forgives us?
Can you show grace and mercy and be patient with one another as God does with us?
Love requires that we operate from a higher order.
So if someone asked me,
"Is love enough?"
My answer would be yes.
What would yours be?
#hope @h.o.p.e.327

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