So...I am intense.
That's right...intense.
Of course I am!
I am an arian fire sign,
I burn with intensity!
I am a spirited being,
Divinely crafted with
A celestial light that glows Deep within me,
So strong that it keeps the darkness in check.
Yeah, I have to be...
To survive in this world;
To stand out in a crowd;
To just be me;
I'm full of intensity.
Am I supposed to be bland?
Watered down?
Should I dim my light?
Take off my crown?
Be dummied down?
I don't think so!
So...I am intense.
I'll take that!
Intensity drives my soul's passions.
It empowers my ability to love deeply.
It instills in me radical hope.
It fuels my accomplishments.
It generates success.
My intensity keeps me from giving up,
Training my inner warrior,
Igniting my ability to fight for all that I love.
My intensity builds up my resiliency,
So I can bounce back from life's troubles.
So...bland I will never be.
There is no water that can dilute the fire in me.
So...I am intense!
I'll take that!
Intense I have to be.
Thanks for the compliment!
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope
© July 2021

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