I AM Super;
A Supernatural miracle,
Super Abound with Talent,
Super Absorbent to knowledge,
Making me a Super Achiever.
A Superb being who is Super Ambitious.
With a mind that is a Supercomputer.
I AM a Superconductor transmitting love from me to you.
Super Confident and Supercool.
Superficial to the enemies of darkness, taking them underneath my feet, using them as my footstool.
I AM a Superhuman;
Superior in all aspects,
Superlative in all ways,
With Super Strength.
I am not just a Superstar,
I AM a Supernova!
A Super Phenomena with Superpowers,
Supersaturated with Divine energy,
With a heart super-sized to touch the world and Super Sweet as to Supersede all hate!
I AM a Superwoman!
No more waiting around for a superhero to save me, I am my own Super Saver!
© July 2016


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