The Bigger Picture

Understand the Bigger Picture
The Invisible War that’s going on in this world is a greater war than we can imagine.
It requires a defense tactic beyond our measure.
It’s called Divine intervention.
Despite all that, we can always choose darkness or light.
We can always choose wrong or right.
We know the difference between goodness and evil and war is never good.
The only way to fight back against this corrupt system being manipulated by the greedy, power hungry leadership of this world, is to choose to be on the side of the good.
Don’t get caught up in the system.
Instead find your niche.
Know your weaknesses
And your strengths,
Think outside the box,
Develop your pitch.
Let’s get back to having faith,
Sharing love,
Exemplifying Hope,
Going for the gold with help from above!
Being a light that shines is the only way to cast out the shadows.
When you understand the bigger picture,
you will have the right tools to fight for freedom.
The army of the Most High is on the rise,
We are His angels in disguise,
And the enemy been working hard to mislead us,
But we always turn back to righteousness because as angels hell don’t know how to treat us.
Joy for the people,
Hope for the soul,
Love for the conscious,
Life is the goal!
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope
©November 2015


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