March 9th, 2020

Hope of the day: I am always reading different material and trying to have new experiences to help me grow on my journey and be a better woman. I don’t know it all so I can always benefit from new knowledge and different perspectives. In life we need to have a willingness to grow and develop. You have to ask yourself do you want things to feed your soul and mind so you can grow into the best version of your self in this life? Do you want to grow into your fullest potential? Or do you want to just ride through life being stagnated for the rest of your life?  I am all for exposing myself to new information to inspire me, bring clarity and empower me to continue to transform and manifest into my greatest self. My hope is that you do too. So get out there, pick up a new book, do something different, hang around a new crowd of people, go to a city or town you have never been…and GROW! #hope


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