November 27th, 2019

Hope of the day: in this life we have to remember that most people will always do what’s best for them…period. So when someone commits an act that we feel causes us pain, we have to remember that they are only doing what’s best for them and if it hurts us, well that’s a price they are willing to pay to pursue their own happiness. We have to give people the freedom to find their own happiness in this life. That’s where forgiveness and grace are so important. We aren’t meant to take other people’s actions personally because they are acting in their own best interest and not ours so why should we take it personal? Most times it’s never really about us. We have to learn to detach from people’s actions and our own desired outcomes because this life is so unpredictable we have to take it as it comes and when we start to do this, we will see that we will flow through life’s changes and challenges more peacefully with acceptance. Sometimes we are the cause of our pain because we refuse to let go. We hold on to people and things for dear life because we allowed those things to become part of our identity, but in all actuality they are not; this is the ego telling us we need these people or things to survive, but that is a lie we like to tell ourselves so that we don’t have to do the work to discover ourselves. We come into this world alone, we leave out alone. This life is meant to guide us through the journey of self discovery and as we develop ourselves we will realize that our identities are not meant to be attached to anyone or anything outside of ourselves. So learn to let go when it’s time and be open to receiving as you go. Don’t let your ego continue to cause you any more pain. Let your spirit lead you into the unknown and live your best life no matter what circumstances you face. #hope


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