Let It Out!

Weeping may endureth in the night, but JOY cometh in the morning!
He visited me allowing His energy to  obsorb my heavy mourning.
His name must be JOY ‘cuz I sure woke up with a smile.
He curiously leaned up to the edge of His seat as if listening to my story was worth while.
I poured out everything in me that has pained me from my childhood until now.
He didn’t say a word,
He just let me let it all out.
He just sat there looking at me as I told him how my life unfolds.
He touched every inch of my body and connected to every vibration of my soul.
He carried my burdens in the palm of His hands as if they were as light as a feather.
When my turmoil roared it’s ugly face and the storms came, He endured the weather.
When I raised my voice,
He didn’t take offense.
When I threw my hands like I wanted to fight, He didn’t even flinch.
When I cried my tears,
He wiped my eyes.
When I couldn’t breath,
He’d squeeze me and I’d sigh.
He rested by my side and held me through the night.
And He was still there in the morning when I opened my eyes!
So I started my day with a smile on my face and JOY in my heart.
Weeping may endureth in the night, but JOY, JOY will sure cometh in the morning.
Stop holding in all the pain,
It’s not yours to bare.
Joy will take it all away,
So let it all out!
@October 2019


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