Beating Anxiety and Depression

Testimony time:

I got to a place where I was depressed and suffered from anxiety in 2013-2014. I only knew that’s what it was because I felt like I was going crazy and it started to manifest in my body as what I thought was physical ailments, but everytime I went to the doctor’s, he kept telling me I was completely healthy and referred me to a psychiatrist for a mental health evaluation because it sounded like I was dealing with anxiety. I never went; however, I did things on my own and with God’s help, I was delivered from anxiety. I would meditate and journal my feelings. I would pray and read my bible. I had to go through a period of soul searching which helped me to grow personally, spiritually and emotionally. I went for mindful walks, spent time outside and took a lot of bubble baths. I truly believe that when we get to feeling this way it’s a sign that our soul is unfulfilled in some way and yearning for something this world cannot provide; maybe because there is something we are supposed to be doing that we haven’t done yet. So all these practices I mentioned fed my soul like when you eat and it feeds your body. We need to feed our soul in the same way. In my opinion, we should all try these things before seeking out medications because all the medications will do is modify the biometric makeup, the signals and responses your brain produces, so that you don’t feel as depressed or anxious but may cause other effects and never really gives your spirit what it’s looking for nor does it ever really cure the problem; it just makes you dependent on the meds to keep those feelings at bay. To each its own, but this is just my experience. All I know is God is good! All the time! And He is the only reason I beat by anxiety and depression. #hope


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