There is…
No habit we can’t ditch,
No ball we can’t pitch,
No recipe we can’t mix,
No thing we can’t fix,
No heart we can’t love,
No pain we can’t be free of,
No impurity we can’t make a dove,
No miracle we can’t speak of,
No task we can’t complete,
No giant we can’t defeat,
No civilization we can’t bring together,
No storm we can’t weather,
No rule we can’t bend,
No brokenness we can’t mend,
No enemy we can’t befriend,
No hate we can’t transend,
No war we can’t end,
No argument we can’t win,
No person that can’t overcome sin,
No darkness that can hide the light within.
We can do all things through HIM.
©August 2019
@h.o.p.e.327 #hope


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