Be the change you want to see in the world…
If it is love you want,
Then, be love.
Love yourself first and share it with others.
If it is peace that you want,
Then. be peace.
Exemplifying peace will help the wars in this world to cease.
If it is freedom that you want, Then, live as if you are free.
Don’t let your soul be help in captivity.
If it is kindness you want to see,
Then, be kind instead of being mean.
If it is knowledge that you seek,
Then, expand your mind,
Make it sharper and more keen.
If you want to be liked by others,
Then, be humble towards your sisters and brothers.
If it is that you want to be rich,
Then, discover yourself and find your niche.
If it is that you want all man kind to be one,
Then, cherish all life under the sun.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Lead by example and watch as the change begins to unfurl.
©August 2016


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