July 26th, 2019

Hope of the day: Do you keep feelings bottled up inside? Do you struggle with whether or not to tell people how you feel and sharing your emotions? My advice to you is…Do what frees your spirit. Only you know what is best for you. There is nothing wrong with spreading the love or being honest about how you feel, but you have to be able to accept that those feelings are yours and yours alone and another party may not reciprocate. I personally don’t want to hold things inside or have any regrets, but if not sharing your feelings is freeing for you and helps you to keep your peace by all means continue on with what’s best for you. You have to ask yourself do you really feel at peace if these feelings are bottled up inside? You have to be honest with yourself about how holding these feelings in makes you feel physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. If you decide to keep your feelings to yourself, then you may still want to find another way to release them like, for example, writing a letter and then burning it so you can have some type of closure and move towards acceptance. Only you know what’s best for you. #hope


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