July 25th, 2019

Hope of the day: when people hurt you what do you do? Do you try to retaliate? Do you try to be petty and hurt them back? Do you shut down and question and doubt yourself? We have to understand that sometimes the hurt comes from the disappointment of things not working out in our favor; the emotion behind someone else’s actions as they did what they thought was best for them with no regard to how it would affect us; the feeling behind someone not living up to our own expectations that are sometimes unfairly placed upon people. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves did these people hurt us or did we hurt ourselves ignoring the facts and signs, placing unfair expectations on people, hoping that people love and understand like we do, hoping for a favorable outcome? Regardless of what causes the pain and hurt we experience, the key is to forgive ourselves and others, self-reflect, learn from it and move on better than we were before. Don’t hold on to the pain, release it and let it be a part of the healing process. #hope


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