May 10th, 2019

Hope of the day: as I grow my relationship with the Creator, I grow within myself and I have to love myself because He loves me. As I understand His works in this world, I understand that everything and everyone is connected and He is in everyone and everything meaning I should love all life and all His creations because that’s how I show Him love. As I understand that He created everything with a purpose and for a purpose, then I know that He gives us everything we need and it instills a great sense of gratitude and appreciation in me; not only that, but it also helps me to understand how to take better care of myself with all that He has given me. I am learning to not just eat because I have a taste for something, or because I want comfort food, but I now eat with the purpose of giving my body what it needs to be healthy and strong. I need to take care of myself because He made me with a purpose and I have a job to do and I need to be strong enough to do it physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Because of His love, I am charged with loving others and I can’t do that unless I also love myself. Knowing that He is in everyone and everything, why wouldn’t I love myself, loving the God in me, along with loving others and the God in them? Do you know how much God loves you? Do you know He made you with a purpose? What are you doing to show yourself love and take care of yourself? What are you doing to love others? Do you do your part to take care of the earth that He created for us? What are you doing to show Him love in return? Make the most of the life you have been given and spread love everywhere you go and in everything you do! #hope


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