They start out small,
But as they continue to feed,
They grow deep and long.
They twist and entangle,
Wrapping around anything that’s in their path.
If you’re not careful,
They’ll squeeze the life right out of you,
A slow sufficating wrath.
An encompassing darkness will smother your light,
And make you feel less than whole.
You may not know,
But the roots are there…
They’re embedded in your soul.
As a young child,
That first root probably started to grow with your very first heart break.
How deep do you think it dug
When that first heartbreak came from someone that you loved?
How much deeper do you think it goes when that heartbreak was from your father or mother,
Rather than just someone you know.
As that root continues to grow,
It thrives off of rejection, guilt,
resentment, jealousy and greed;
Fear, anger, and self-hatred is how it continues to feed.
And stress,
It don’t help the situation,
It only makes it worse,
While the guilt of everything you bare tends to fuel its dirt.
Roots, they hurt!
They draw the lines of separation
Splitting you from you and your true self,
Cutting you off from loves healing help.
Burrowing down deep like moles,
But building up barriers around the heart so any love that tries to get in spills out of all the broken cracks and holes.
They will destroy you…
Devouring you from the inside out.
Crippling you,
Depriving you of your ability to cope,
Leaving you sulking in self-doubt.
And before you know it,
The roots living in you will be all you know,
But don’t let these roots continue to grow…
Do some gardening and uproot the weeds,
Disguard all the dying plants and make room for fresh flowers and trees.
Refresh your soil and replenish your spiritual feed.
Nourish your garden with brand new seeds.
Roots will grow in you and stem all the way down to your feet.
Don’t let them be dark roots that leave you stuck in one place never able to take a step forward;
Rather, let them be roots of light,
Of a Heavenly existence that pulls you drawing you toward.
They’ll spread far and wide,
So be a part of spreading the roots that will bring out the Divine inside.
©March 2017


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