Mystery Man

No one knows what he’s up to.
No one knows his next move.
His business ain’t in the streets
‘Cuz his rhythm is too smooth.
Women flock at his feet
As chilvery enters the room.
Walking tall and strong,
He glides with pride.
He greets everyone flashing a charming smile,
Hiding his glock tucked away at his side.
His suit is pressed to a tee,
Showing off his style,
With long seems running down to his feet.
The wind blows when he walks past,
Allowing you to smell
His mesmerizing cologne.
I bet they role the red carpet out for him as he approaches his throne.
Mistreat women…oh no!
He treats them ALL like Queens!
You have no choice,
But to trust him,
You feel safe on his team;
And while all that sounds ideal,
His dark side still
Only allows for you to be with him In your dreams.
What a mystery man is he?!
If only he could see that he is a King!
©April 2015


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