My heavenly flow is stopped up with a cork;
One so thick I can’t even poke it with a fork.
I am overtaken by a foreign entity
trying to handicap my Divine capability.
Overwhelmed with my deepest emotions,
My mind is having a hard time
Filtering through all the commotion.
I can’t even think!
Somebody tell it to stop!
It’s filling me
With a negativity
So dense,
My safety net of positivity
Is about to pop!
My light used to shine so bright
A celestial glow, a halo,
Blinding to the naked eye,
And now my light is dimmed,
So thin,
Overshadowed by the glimpse of night.
The darkness is trying to conceal my Divinity.
It is trying to block out Yahweh’s pure and unconditional love for me.
It was just hovering,
Now it’s a blanket fully covering,
Tucked in on all sides,
My power to fight back.
The good thing about an eclipse
Is that it is only temporary.
So I will endure this attack momentarily.
For a brief second it has diminished me,
But the darkness will never finish me!
It helpes me to grow,
On the contrary,
‘Cuz all my inner baggage
I am able to unpack.
So I’ll sit back and let this one ride,
And soon I’ll be able to bounce back!
See, I strapped up my gold boots,
My halo grew thorns,
My illumination is brighter than the night’s sky,
And once this dark cloud dissipates,
I’ll continue to shine!
But I will not allow this eclipse
To clip my wings,
They’re my gift from the Most High!
The darkness shall pass,
And the sun still brightens all things.
Like the sun I will shine,
But darkness still awaits nigh, Trying to play me like a puppet in it’s strings.
©August 2017


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