You are a Queen!
Some may think you’re just a pawn,
But you’re not,
Because you are a Queen!
Do you know what the queen does
In the game of chess?
She protects the King.
She is agile.
She glides with stride.
She is a visionary…
She plans strategies to keep her King
Behind enemy lines.
She has the gift of foresight,
Able to see all the things
Missed by her King’s eyes.
She doesn’t hesitate,
She moves with haste.
She’s not fearful,
She trusts in faith.
She does what she’s got to do
To bring Peace to the throne
And save the day.
Now, her King is very logical
Only moving one step at a time,
But he is very grounded supporting her and protecting her from behind.
So Kings, please don’t get mad at me,
I’m just stating the facts.
The Queen rules the board
With her divine tactics.
The King would have been dead
Ten times over without her,
But her presence keeps him alive;
Therefore he can never doubt her.
So remember you are a Queen.
You are definitely not a pawn!
The Queen rules the board
And the world is your spawn.
©March 2016


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