Life is a big masquerade.
People go through life hiding in the shade.
We learn to put on fake skins
To hide our face at a very young age.
The world teaches us,
Don’t cry,
You can’t show your feelings,
Be tough.
And if your a male,
Don’t be soft,
Straighten that spine,
Be rough.
We hide our true selves
And put on fake caricatures just to fit in.
We supress our expressiveness
And roll with the crowd just so we can blend.
We stay on top of the latest fashions and trends,
Just to look like everyone else ‘cuz
We don’t want to feel left out,
While hiding our true selves,
Which are often screaming to be let out.
Life is a big masquerade.
We get dressed up,
Covered up in make up,
And get ready to prance around in the grande parade,
But the parade is so dull…
Everyone is uniform
Not shining like they should be.
Souls full of self hate and discouragement,
No one wants to be pure
Even if they could be.
We are so used to it.
We like all the people who wear masks,
Commending them on their costumes,
Making the one who came to the party in their own skin, an outcast.
We make friends with the ones who wear similar masks as we do,
And get into relationships with people who’s synthetic appeal we adore ‘cuz we fall in love with their costumes.
It’s like being in the twilight zone,
No one even knows they are wearing a mask.
Getting to know someone’s true self is to much of a task;
Or maybe revealing our pain and our past is just to much to ask.
But me, I’m that person who truely wants to see.
I am that person who will ask you to take off the mask ‘cuz I want to dig deep.
I need to stare into your eyes and see your true royalties,
And I want you to stare back at mine and see the real me.
Life is a big masquerade.
To many people just going through life hiding in the shade,
Putting on fake skins just to fit in.
Affraid to open up and express
What’s truely within,
But it’s time for us to leave the parade,
To take off the masks.
We need to get to know people,
Love one another,
Even if it is a hefty task.
If you let the world eat your soul,
You’re just a body made synthetically.
Instead, be your true self,
Show who you really are.
Be the person God made you to be.
Never be affraid to show off your authenticity.
Life can be a big masquerade,
Don’t get caught up in the hipe.
Just be yourself, share your talents,
with no fear, and remember…
God is on your side!
You are unique,
Fearfully and wonderfully made,
No need to disguise yourself,
It’s safe to come out of the shade.
Take off that mask and put it
on the shelf, so you can shine like a star and show your true self.
©August 2016


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