Trouble Is Not Your Middle Name

Trouble is not your middle name.
Trouble comes to stir us up,
To throw us off course,
To mess our minds up,
To make us act out with force,
To turn us away from loving others,
To put a rip in our souls,
To take us through turmoil,
To carve out our hearts
Making an unfillable whole,
To tear our families apart,
To make us shy away from the only ONE who can AGAIN make us whole,
But trouble ain’t your middle name!
That’s the devil trying to keep you in his stronghold.
There’s a war going on out here
And it’s the battle for our souls.
God says “you are my children
and I’ll bring you home,”
And the devil comes and says,
“Not today child, come with me,
I’ll put you on your throne!”
The devil comes to deceives us
making us think he can give us what we need,
But God put us on the throne
the day we are born,
So that need the devil don’t need to feed.
If we knew our power,
Our potential,
Our true Divinity,
Then, we would know we already have exactly what we need.
If we understood that God is on our side,
Then, while listening to his whispers,
We wouldn’t feel the need to fight.
If we overstood that God is in us all,
Then, maybe we would cherish eachother,
Crateling hearts in our palms,
Instead of shattering them to pieces letting deception rule us all,
Leading us to our downfall.
When trouble comes to stir you up, Remember…
Trouble ain’t your middle name.
Trouble is not Divine at all;
That’s just the devil playing his game.
If you can recognize it before
he even starts,
Then, in his stronghold you won’t remain;
You’ll be powerful enough
to put out his flames.
See, in God’s eyes,
You’re already royalty,
So don’t let the deception fool you,
The Lord will give you what you need;
So act like it and don’t let the devil
get a hold of thee.
Trouble brings in doubt making it so we can’t trust a thing;
Therefore, we denounce and discredit everything,
But like the pastor said on the radio the other day,
When you reject everything,
You give up your power to reject anything!
I’ll say that again!
When you reject everything,
You give up your power to reject anything!
So don’t give up your power!
Dont let trouble reign!
Because trouble is not your middle name!
©April 2016


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