A Child of the King

I have loved people who didn’t love me,
Befriended people who hated on me,
Forgave people who betrayed me,
Given grace to those who forsaked me,
And was nice to people who were rude.
I have respected people who disrespected me,
Was kind to people who judged me,
Helped people who wouldn’t help me,
Been there for those who turned their back on me,
And saw goodness in those whose unspoken actions were lewd.
I can’t change who I am,
This is who God intended me to be;
And yet, inside,
I feel this is how we’re all supposed to be?
Too often we let others dictate how our actions should be.
The world would have me think I’m wrong,
But I say forget the world! I am a child of the Most High King!
And I would do it all over again,
Only for His glory!
@January 2019


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