Run The Great Race

You ever felt like running?
Sometimes we’re running and we don’t even know it.
When you run with intention,
It usually benefits you,
But when you run in confusion,
It typically works against you.
So my question is…
Are you choosing to run?
Or is there something you’re running from?
‘Cuz…I get it…
I know that…
Because of past hurt,
We run from future pain.
Because of heartbreak,
We run from the opportunity to love again.
Because we don’t like being uncomfortable,
We run from growth and choose to remain the same.
And because of past failures,
We run from our own greatness and rather be lame.
But shouldn’t we be running the other way?
We should be running so hard that all the pain just melts away.
Running with our hearts beating so fast that love is automatically attracted to our pace.
Running out of our comfort zones and into the most unpredictable lanes.
And if we are to trip and fall along the way,
We shouldn’t quit,
We shouldn’t feel defeated,
We should take a minute to recuperate
and get up and run again!
So what I’m saying is…
Stop running away!
Run the great race.
It’s time to run into your destiny
Which was already preordained.
So let me ask again,
Better yet, let me ask another way…
Are you willing to tackle life hurdles and run in this great race?
Or are you going to choose to keep running away?
©January 2018


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