The Pendulum of Love

Match one’s confidence to the other’s insecurities.
One’s strength to the other’s weakness.
One’s vulnerability to the other’s lack there of.
One’s transparency to the other’s hidden treasures.
One’s spoken communication with the other’s body language.
Love is all about balance.
One can be to much of something and the other not enough,
But together as one,
They stabilize.
Allow your femininity to calm his masculine.
And his masculinity to ignite your feminine.
The pendulum is the game of love.
You have to perfect your poise.
Love allows for each element to oscillate,
Swaying freely,
Forward and back,
Regulating every move.
Two souls,
Complimenting each other,
Creating the ideal equalibrium.
Senergy between the two,
A steady pace of motion.
Illuminating elegance.
Cultivating an energy that equally levels out.
The pendulum is the game of love.
And love is all about balance.
©July 2018


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