New Beginnings

A new beginning is like a breath of fresh air after suffocating in the smoke.
It’s like seeing the sunrise at the break of day after a long night of no hope.
It’s like finally feeling your heart beat pumping blood through your veins after walking around in a dead sea.
It’s like being blinded to the beauty of life and then finally opening your eyes to see.
It happens when you stop wishing and instead make things happen.
It’s mastering your brokenness and practicing your openness.
It’s taking the mask off to let people see who you really are.
It’s finally opening the box to your dreams because they’ve haunted you for so long it’s time to finally set them free.
Some people are afraid of change, but change is how we grow.
Some people fear the new, but need to clear out the old.
Some people don’t believe in what they can’t see yet we worship a divine unknown.
A new beginning is the beginning of your future fortold.
It’s how you chime into your true self and unleash the gifts that you withhold.
It’s how you shine your light for all the world to see.
It’s how you do what you were meant to do to create your legacy.
It’s you moving closer to that piece of the puzzle your supposed to contribute to the earth.
It’s you finally understanding that internal yearning, that calling on your life, that you’ve had since birth.
It’s finally coming into the realization of your worth.
So embrace new beginnings.
©January 2019


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