Who Are You? Blossom

So, you’re grown now.
Did you ever really take the time to get to know who you really are?
As a child you wanted to be just like your tribe.
You eagerly watched others,
Walked their walk,
Talked their talk
And learned how to survive.
People can only teach you what they know,
So what if they are only working with a limited supply?
If you were only taught how to survive,
Did you ever truly learn how to fly?
Can you learn how to walk from someone who only knows how to crawl?
Can you learn how to laugh if someone has no sense of humor at all?
Can you learn how to be a vegetarian From someone who only wants to eat meat?
Are you bold enough to break all Stereotypes and stand on you own to feet?
So you never really blossomed? Huh?
I think I may know why…
Because every time you tried to show “yourself,”
You were chastised,
Made fun of and therefore,
Oppressed yourself inside.
Every time you trusted someone, they hurt you,
Leaving you questioning,
Full of self doubt.
So behind a mask you hid
Refusing to let your true self out,
But like a flower which grows
From sunlight and nourishing rain,
You were supposed to blossom
From all of that pain.
So who are you?
Did you become a teacher because your mom was a teacher too?
Did you play ball because you saw how good your dad could shoot?
Did you go to the same high school or college all the generations before you attended?
Did you become a delta or sigma because it’s “in you bloodline”
But really you’re just pretending?
Who are you?
Are you really you or a duplicate of someone else?
Are you yourself or are you staring into the mirror at the mirage of someone else?
Did you develop your true essence or are you a stranger to yourself?
Do you find yourself so appalling?
Will you discover your true self so you can answer your soul’s calling?
Who are you?
© June 2017


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