I AM Woman- Divinely Made

I AM She!
Woman born with a vagina and breasts.
I was created to naturally caress.
I AM the rib that makes man whole.
Being divine and loyal,
I AM medicine that sooths the soul.
I AM the womb that gives life.
I AM the Queen who becomes wife.
I AM strong and tender at the same time.
I AM a nurturer,
But I will fight to survive!
God prepared me to be
All the things a King can’t,
And anything I may lack,
My Lord will grant.
I AM the light that seals the black hole.
I AM feminine with a masculine mindset
To thrive in this harsh world.
I AM woman!
A woman fearfully and wonderfully made.
Unapologetically me,
No trade.
I AM woman!
Mothering God’s nations.
I AM the root of knowledge,
The fruit of life,
Overflowing with unconditional love.
I AM the epitomy of patience.
Strength is my virtue,
But Hope is my middle name!
I AM woman!
God made me this way.
I embrace myself,
About me there is nothing strange.
I am God’s perfect creation,
And because of that,
I’ll never change!
©June 2016


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