Purgatory is supposed to be
That place where souls get stuck Between heaven and hell.
Well, isn’t that where we are?
Take look around…
We live in a world where people are So miserable,
It’s easier to frown than to smile;
Where connections are being made Through Facebook and texting Instead of picking up the phone to dial;
Where we are trained to get a job,
Go to work,
Pay bills and do it all over again, Everyday,
Never living a life worth while.
The poor are left to fin for Themselves with no real resources
To survive,
So they go to drastic measures to Chase the “imagery” of money
And get caught up in the vines…
Crime is rapidly excelling.
Incarceration rates are perpetually Propelling.
Hate seems to be the coping skill for Everything making any glimpse of a Promising future
Seem to never amount to anything.
We kill each other decreasing our Numbers and give them exactly what they want.
As if we aren’t dying fast enough,
They turn around
And kill us off one by one.
They’re concern is population Control,
But not because mother earth Doesn’t have plenty to go around, But because they want to keep the Riches in their bloodlines so all
Others they have to hold down.
We feed right into their plans,
Sulking in our own misery,
Indirectly lending a helping hand.
Our food doesn’t even grow naturally anymore.
They manipulate it
And reproduce it for faster Mass-production in laboratories.
We wonder why we’re always sick While they’re getting rich off our Medical bills
And conditions that used to be Temporary
Become never ending stories.
Our culture is built on chasing the Dollar,
The thing on which this country Thrives;
A dollar that barely has any value anymore
And instead of empowering people, It’s destroying lives.
We aren’t even citizens on this Supposedly great soil,
We are members of a corporation Where only the infamous 1% get Spoiled.
They get monetarily wealthy
As we slave on our backs
Never being able to retain a cent
As they collect our hard earned Money through income tax.
And debt…
Debt is the monster that creeps in With his sneak attacks
Making the workforce
Modern day slavery.
Some say,
“Slavery doesn’t exist anymore”…
Well, these are the facts!
Wealth is enrichment of the spirit And this system,
This matrix,
This scheme of a democracy is Killing our souls!
Yet we sit back and do nothing Giving in to the hypocrisy
As a people like we have no hope.
Democray means control of an Organization by the majority of its Members,
We used to say,
“Led by the people for the people,” But that slogan is deemed untrue And does nothing but stir up tempers,
But if we must be members of a corporation,
Then, members we shall be,
And since we are the majority,
I think its time for US to lead!
We have the right to supercede our Oppressors!
We have a right to stand for what We believe!
We have a right to force them to Uphold the standards of life!
We have a right to govern their Creed!
We are the people!
We have a right to hold them Accountable for not doing right by The corporations members!
Any Director,
Or President can always be vetoed
Out before the completion of their Tenure!
We have the right to make our Politicians hear us out
And draft laws that would meet our Needs and make us proud!
We have a right to expect that we All can live a life of abundance!
We have a right to be able to live at All!
All it takes is for us to not be afraid,
To stay together and stand tall!
Strategy is the key
And I can talk about that all day, But right now all I’m saying is there IS another way!
So don’t just sit and sulk. Don’t slump into purgatory and lose All hope.
There is so much to life that Purgatory should be the last result.
Don’t let anger and hatred be the Way we cope,
And turn us against each other Giving them what they want.
We need each other,
There’s power in numbers!
We have got to get out of this Purgatoric slumber and remember…
That 1% is nothing but a digit that WE greatly outnumber!
It’s time to make heaven on earth!
©March 2017


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