Pen of HOPE

My pen is the syringe
That injects the vaccine
For broken souls;
The tranquilizer
That puts to sleep the doubt
That creates negative self-talk. Which traps us in a black hole;
The vial
That carries the antidote
For the hopelessness that
Blackens hearts
And numbs ambitions
Turning people cold;
The pill
That absorbs all the pain,
Heals all sprain
And breaks all chains;
The bulldozer
That comes to crash down
Damaged walls built up to protect,
But instead of protecting
They only project
Creating an inability to cope;
The storm
That roars and tears down
Everything you once knew,
Leaving you shaken and devastated As you release the old,
But embrace the new;
The telescope
That allows you to see
Far past your present reality
Into an unknown far away galaxy.
I use my pen
To scribe words of HOPE!
©June 2017


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